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Integrated Express Management System

     Integrated Express Management System (IXM) Version 2 is a system for courier and transport companies to manage and plan their daily operations, customer services, business development as well as finance activities. IXM is built to be a SaaS ready cloud application, allowing the applications to be deployed to multiple locations and countries with a click of a button.
A typical parcel delivery from door to door involves the following processes:

1. Shipper prepares parcel and shipping document
2. Shipper contacts logistics company to pick up goods
3. Logistics company picks up goods from Shipper
4. Logistics company proceeds to deliver goods, and have the shipping document signed as proof of delivery.
5. Logistics company consolidates shipping documents
6. Logistics company sends documents back to shipper, and issues invoice to the customer
7. Shipper checks the shipping documents and makes payments after checking.
The logistics company can use IXM to manage all of the above processes electronically and easily provide real-time tracking for the shipper and the receiver of the goods.