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Mobile Express Management App

      MXM is our Mobile Express Management App for delivery and dispatch drivers. It is an easy to use mobile application that allows drivers to submit instant Proof of Delivery (POD) and delivery notifications to the business with just a few taps. MXM supports capturing of signatures, photos, barcodes, location GPS, arrival time, drivers' notes, partial deliveries, Cash on Delivery (COD) payments and more.
MXM is our solution to a paperless delivery system for reduced carbon footprint. It gives drivers and logistics businesses greater control over delivery operations and faster response time to incidents. It will also increase delivery successes by allowing drivers to inform customers of expected delivery time and re-arrange a more suitable delivery time with the customer. POD functions will also increase reliability and accountability of the delivery and pickup jobs.
MXM records the movement of dispatch drivers, together with a control centre dashboard, supervisors can monitor the movements of the drivers and plan their operations efficiently.
Please contact us via the contact form for more information on how you can adopt MXM for your business.